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Chips and Scratches

All cars sustain chip damage, it’s one of the hazards of city and country driving.
Scratched paintwork can really detract from the appearance of your car.
Our specialist range of products and methods will make a big difference to the presentation of your car. 
Alloy Wheel Repairs

Don’t replace those expensive alloy wheels until you have seen us.
We are able to repair scratches and scrapes to most alloy wheels and we could save you money. 

Roof Repairs

The roof of your car, along with the bonnet and boot, sustain the most sun damage. Particularly if your car is left outside all day.
Let us rejuvenate your car’s paintwork. Not all damage requires re-spraying, it may be less expensive than you think to have your car looking good again. 


Faded and discoloured trims can detract from the overall appearance of your car.
We can repair and refresh the trim on your car, which can make a huge difference, not only to its appearance, but also to its potential resale value. 

General Paintwork

Most cars could do with a little TLC
Let us rejuvenate your car’s paintwork.
We will enhance the gloss on your car and remove minor blemishes and everyday wear and tear damage. 

Bumper Bars

We specialise in bumper bar repairs.
Bars can be re-sprayed if required and we provide a same day service in most instances.
Don’t let those unsightly scrapes and chips spoil your car’s look any longer.

Pre-Sale Enhancement

Before you sell your car or hand it back to the leasing company, let us give it a face lift!
All cars could use some cosmetic enhancement now and then and this is particularly important if you are considering selling your vehicle.
Good paintwork and trims can mean a quick sale or a no hassle end of lease return and more money in the bank for you.


If you have purchased a body kit, parking sensors or any other accessory which requires colour matching to your car, bring it to us.
With our extensive paint system and database, we can colour match your cars accessories so they will never look “added on”. 


Modern car headlights suffer badly from UV exposure.

If your headlights have yellowed and lost clarity, bring them in and let us restore them to near new.

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